Michael, St. Louis, Missouri


Doing justice in words to how I feel about my time with you is certainly difficult.  You are an exceptional woman, and my time with you was so wonderful.  At the beginning of our time together, you said you would hold a safe space for me.  You did that, though I admit that when you said it, I neither appreciated exactly what you meant nor understood why that would be so important to me.  You helped me see key things about my marriage and myself.  Your instincts are excellent, and your candor is refreshing.  How did you become so wise and so strong, while still being so young, fresh, and lovely? I look forward to more special times with you...times of learning and times of pleasure.  In the meanwhile, I wish you health and happiness as you help others in whatever ways that they need help.  You have that gift.


Marc, Somerset County, NJ

This Tantric Goddess is as beautiful in her spirituality as she is as a woman. She is a true goddess, healer and teacher. She is very special. Gentleman, she will set definite boundaries with you in these sessions. But if you accept them you will be blessed in return during your practice with an infinite expansion of your sensual and spiritual horizons.

Jacob, Brooklyn, NY

You are the most feminine, the most sacred, the most beautiful Woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  We just had our first session, and it was incredible.

Leila, Manhattan, NY

You came into my  life when I needed guidance most. I honestly could not look in the  mirror without being disappointed at the woman that stared back.  I’m a  smart, motivated individual, but I managed to slip into an unhealthy way  of living. Underneath the busy schedule and confident exterior, I was  scared and searching for a way out. I know I needed help. I know I  wanted to change. That’s when I met you. Upon meeting, you made  me feel comfortable and safe.  You are educated in your field and have a  beautiful aura that is warm and inviting. You have a wonderful way of  ‘uprooting’ the problems right at the source. You have given me tools,  actual exercises to help me identify the emotions that have kept me  locked for so long. We made more progress in one session than I had with  my counselor of seven years.  You genuinely want to help in a loving  way. You encourage me to be aware, hold myself responsible while  remembering that I’m magnificent. I now live in my “Yes” thanks to you.  I’m a work in progress, but at least I smile now that I look in the mirror.