Holistic Somatic Sex & Tantra Education

Holistic, somatic sex education is focused on body-based learning, designed to help you navigate a deeper understanding of your relationship to your body/energy/mind/spirit, as well as how you connect to others in your relational/sensual/sexual sphere.  Sessions are unique to each person coming in, and are structured around your specific questions, goals and intentions--while also being dependent on mutually creating an environment of rapport, integrity, and respect. 

During your session, you will be met in an honest, nurturing, nourishing and safe space- free from judgment- where all of you (and your questions) are welcome.

The structure of each session will be guided by your umbrella priorities, intentions, and goals for yourself while working with me. Sessions will include a combination of coaching, meditation/breath work, touch-based body learning and homework. 

All sessions are grounded and guided by deep commitment to acceptance, inclusion, communication and clear consent practices.  Please know that your divine voice and choice will be honored throughout our time together. 




Tantra Counseling

Would you love to come in for a session in person, but you don't live near me?  

Do you want to connect about a sexual/sensual question or concern, but you have a busy schedule, or you/your partner feel uncertain about incorporating somatic/body-based practices? 

Do you wish you had someone to talk to and connect with about what's going on--from the privacy of your own home?

Are you wanting to focus on meditation, breathing or your thought processes?  

Tantra Counseling covers similar informational domains as somatic sessions, however the information is imparted differently, as sessions aren't based around utilizing touch. These sessions can also be done via Zoom / Skype / phone.

To learn more about what kinds of concerns I can help with, please read below. 


SERIES OF SESSIONS:  Discounted rates are available for On-Going, regular clients who sign up for a series of sessions.  

A series of sessions are custom tailored to you specifically, and often involve a combination of sacred touch, and counseling. 

Do you have a therapist/care provider you're working with, and you'd like our sessions to further the work you're already doing?  It would be my pleasure to be in contact with your care provider(s)- (strictly per your request)- to support your ongoing healing, wellness, growth and continuancy of care. 

Complimentary Consultation

A consultation is required before we begin working together.  This will help to ensure we are the right client/practitioner match for one another.

Consultations are absolutely free!  These appointments can be scheduled in person (in Seattle), or via Zoom/phone call.  


  • Answering Your Questions/Increasing Knowledge about Sex Education & Tantra
  • Addressing Pleasure/Lack of Pleasure In Your Body/Mind/Life
  • Body Awareness
  • Specific Tantric Meditative/Body Based Practices
  • Navigating anxieties/nervousness and fears in the Sensual/Sexual Sphere
  • Custom Creation of Meaningful Rituals 
  • Helping You Reconnect to Pleasure/ Rediscover your Magnificent Body! 
  • Reinvigorating your sensual/sexual relationship to yourself (and others)
  • Utilizing Sex Energy mindfully
  • Exploring mindfulness & meditation techniques 
  • Asking for what you want/getting comfy with Consent-Based Practices
  • Addressing Sexual Function /Dysfunction
  • Feeling more comfortable giving and receiving
  • Establishing your YES & No, and communicating them to others
  • Releasing fear, shame, guilt, grief, in your body etc. that might keep you from being totally present sexually with yourself & others.