At its origins, Tantra was revered as a sacred art. Its secrets and magic were passed down through generations of women~ by word of mouth. This is how I was taught (and how I will practice) with you! 

The word 'Tantra' refers to a deep weaving together of all the parts of yourself- your life- and the Universe.  

One question I am asked the most: "is Tantra all about sex"? The answer is yes, and no. Tantra speaks to the way in which we live our lives (in the broadest sense), including our roles as a sensual, sexual beings. Sexual energy is one of the most potent and powerful energy sources we can tap into as human beings. 

As life energy is created and built, it can also be directed and dispersed throughout the rest of the body. Not only can this energy be used to manifest, as well as to heal ...but it can be directed towards shifting thought/energy/emotional patterns that no longer work for you, or can bring pleasure/awareness to areas of the body that have been painful, numb or 'stuck'.

Tending to your Pleasure is a necessary form of self-care, and it is a deeply respectful practice to cultivate. 

Tantra asks that we engage in the art of living with intention, and awareness. 

Through sensual cultivation, true self-knowing and deep healing is possible. You can connect even more intimately with beloveds, with yourself, your friends and coworkers, and in truth: all the pieces and parts of your life!

With Tantra, are invited to become more aware of your senses, your desires, and how your body feels/moves though the world. 

A Tantric practice doesn't require you to give up your life, or run off and join a cult! 

The practice simply asks that you surrender to the present connections in front of you at any given moment... and stay open to Be. Here. Now.