Sacred Touch Session

Sessions are mutually dependent on rapport, integrity, and respect. 

In your Sacred Touch Session, you will find a nurturing, nourishing and safe space- free from expectation- where all of you is welcome. 

Receiving full-bodied, deeply sensual, loving touch is essential to your well-being.

The magic of this type of session is that you have permission to include the entire landscape of your body! This encompasses areas traditionally ignored in other types of therapeutic sessions. The structure of your session will be guided by your overall priorities (in regards to why you’re coming in), your intentions, and goals for your time with Cindy.  All sessions are encouraging and honoring of your divine Voice and Choice.  




Tantra Coaching

Would you love to come in for a session in person, but you don't live near Cindy?  

Perhaps you want to connect with someone about a sexual/sensual concern, but you (or your partner) might feel uncertain about your receiving a bodywork session? 

Are you wanting to focus on your meditation practices or thought processes?  

Tantra Coaching covers similar informational domains as bodywork sessions, however the information is imparted differently. These sessions are clothes-on, talk/exercise/meditation based, and can be done in person, or even via Skype/ phone.

To learn more about what kinds of concerns I can help with, please read below. 


Complimentary Consultation

Highly recommended before you begin working with Cindy

Consultations are 30min long, and absolutely free!  These appointments can be scheduled in person (in Seattle), or via Skype/phone call.  


  • Full Bodied Presence
  • Reinvigorating your sensual/sexual relationship to yourself (and others)
  • Utilizing sex energy responsibly
  • Exploring mindfulness & meditation techniques 
  • Asking for what you want / getting comfy with Consent-Based Practices
  • Addressing Sexual Function / Dysfunction
  • Feeling more comfortable giving and receiving
  • Establishing your YES & No, and communicating them to others
  • Releasing fear, shame, guilt, grief, etc. that keeps you from being present sexually with yourself & others.