"Anand Narayani. We are meant to be gods and goddesses of bliss."


As a Tantra Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, and Adult Sex Educator--  Cindy believes that Tantra is part of the sacred art of living. Having been in practice for more than a decade, Cindy has has worked with individuals, couples, groups, workshops, corporate workshops and classes--including the co-creation and co-facilitation of the Women's Sensual Soirée, a previous monthly gathering in NYC. 

Cindy's educational background and training includes :

* 200+ hours Tantra Counselor Training

* Non Violent Communication Training w/ Kelly Bryson

* Basic Principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Timeline Therapy

* 50+ hrs of training as a Facilitator of Adult Sex Education,(including:communication, consent & safety practices, kink supportive practices)

* Emotional Release Techniques (and Anatomy) of the Pelvis

* Extensive training in numerous meditative techniques, including:  the Osho Meditations, Guided Visual Meditaitons and Vipasana Meditation. 

Cindy's primary vision is to create a deeply nourishing and grounding environment where you are safe to explore your own growth and healing through pleasure, curiosity, self- exploration, and play.